Convention between Russia and Turkey, Limiting their Naval Forces in the Black Sea, March 30, 1856

I. The High Contracting Parties mutually pledge not to have on the Black Sea any warships other than those of the number, strength, and size herein stipulated.

II. The High Contracting Powers each reserve the right to maintain on that sea six steamships having a length of 50 meters at the waterline and a maximum weight of 800 tons, and four light steamships or sailing vessels of a tonnage not to exceed 200 tons each.

III. The present convention, annexed to the General Treaty signed at Paris on this day, will be ratified, and the ratifications will be exchanged, within four weeks, or sooner if possible.

Source:  TN Dupuy & GM Hammerman (eds), 1973, A Documentary History of Arms Control and Disarmament, RR Bowker & Company, New York & London, p45.